The brand



Inspired by the contemporary powerful and dynamic women, K-ONO was designed as a brand of redefined kimonos to be worn in different specific moments emphasizing femininity.

Mesmerized by versatility, we imagine our collections as ready-to-wear instruments of personality – anytime, anywhere.

The design process team worked to outline a fabulous dress, a comfortable robe and the beach cover up, while you choose the style in which to wear it.

Uncompromising luxury stands for creating timeless pieces and our culture persists in using different shades of natural silk textures to represent the aerial spirit of K-ONO pieces.

Synonym for sensuality and sophisticated air, this luxurious material may revive your entire wardrobe.

The K-ONO stamp is represented by the Asian crane symbol that defines the brand with all its powers, representing happiness, longevity, steady revival – while at the same time, capturing the beautiful way it soars through the sky.

Guided by the passion of creating memorable pieces, the products will be available in limited edition series, yearning to deliver an intimate personal experience.