Care Guide



1. DRY CLEAN YOUR K-ONO SILK – The best way to maintain the softness and lustre of your silk is to dry clean it after use. Dry cleaning helps dissolve oil and grease from your silk in a more effective way than water.

2. HANDWASH IT – You have to hand wash silk clothes rather than flinging them along with your other clothes in the washing machine.

3. RINSE IN COLD WATER – While washing your silk garment, remember to rinse it in cold water as opposed to hot water. This will help extend the life of the fabric, which is delicate in nature.

4. USE AN APPROPRIATE DETERGENT – It is important to read the detergent label carefully before you use it on silk. Since this material is extremely delicate, mild detergents with phrases such as “suitable for silk” and “delicates” are ideal for use.

5. DO NOT SPOT-TREAT – Spot-treating your silk can seriously hamper the quality of your fabric. If you have accidentally dropped something on your silk garment, do not try to wash off the soiled portion in isolation as that portion will then appear light and faded.

6. DO NOT WRING – Silk cannot withstand wringing or twisting. If you want to get rid of the extra water from your silk, roll it in a towel or a cotton cloth and keep it until it dries. This will enable better absorption of water.

7.SMOOTHEN OUT THE WRINKLES – A way to smoothen out the wrinkles on your silk is to iron them on low heat with the garment turned inside out. Remember to iron the silk once it is completely dry. As a precaution, you can insert a piece of cloth between the silk and the iron so that the cloth is not exposed to extra heat and therefore, damage.

8. DRY IN A SHADED PLACE – After washing it should be dried in a place well-protected from direct heat.

9. AVOID EXPOSURE TO ALCOHOL – While applying items such as perfume and hairspray on yourself, be cautious to avoid any spillage onto your silk garment. The alcohol contained in these liquids can be damaging for silk, causing discolouration and weakening of the fabric.